Overview from 2018

Here’s an overview of 2018 for Hardcore Help Foundation (HHF).
HHF is a non-profit organization based in Germany that works together with locally established and international organizations. In 2018 we were able to support €48.763,95 on various community projects. This profit was made out of (life-giving) donations and profit from the merchandise sales. This is without any government support. A new record! In 2018 we were able to do:

– 21 distributions to European facilities with clothes and supplemented with goods.
– Rehabilitation water project. Repair and maintenance work. Expanding solar system. Installing water ATM.
– 12 Healthcare Clinics – mobilization, staff, transportation, medications, supplies. Free healthcare to 2414 people.
– NHWC Rehabilitation Center
supplies (massage oil, medications/treatment, bandages, etc.)
– Community outreach – therapy assessments of children and adults in the wider community, home based therapy.
– Equipment & infrastructure needs – ongoing as the center expands and include provisions for electricity, step stools, seating, therapy devices, etc.
– 650 Water filters – mobilization of households, distributions, trainings, follow up.
– Sea Container for the 2019 project
– Educational goods for a school in the Philippines and households.

This gives you an idea how things happened last year. Shout out to our lovely partners and best supporters out there.