Ivonangya Water Kiosk

This is the Ivonangya community water kiosk which is getting fixed. A water atm will be installed by local partner Fundifix. This company has created a sustainable maintenance model which could be the answer to solve the water problem in this area. This water kiosk supplies 55,000 lites every month on average. Estimated it serves more than 500 people, 1 school with 300 pupils and over 5000 livestock. The project involves a sustainable finance program, it looks very exemplary by using the newest technology. Every household gets a pre paid chip which is connected with a mobile number. One of the major issues at water kiosks in Kenya is that money disappears. This model makes sure that theres no cash flowing. Savings will be used for repair and mainentaince. Our goal is that together we can achieve that many households in rural areas have quicker and safer access to water with sustainable services which will help communities grow.