Together with our partners in Kenya, Nathan Hall Williams Center (NHWC), we launched a campaign to collect donations for water filters.

More than 40% of the population of Kenya lacks access to clean and safe drinking water. Until now, it has been very difficult and sometimes dangerous for impoverished communities to rely on the inconsistent water sources available. Providing clean water is one of the most meaningful ways we can help improve the health, sanitation, and hygiene of the communities we work with in Kenya. These water filters are simple to use, affordable, and truly make a lasting impact on those we help. We want to see what happens when every single household in a village has access to clean, safe water.

A donation of 20€ will provide clean, safe water to a family for two years. We need your help to reach out to more families in need. Below are some pictures of previous distributions.

We have a new campaign shirt available which cost 20€. With this new shirt we want to raise awareness and collect more donations for this clean water project. Over the past years we were able to distribute water filters with a local ngo NHWC in Nakuru Kenya and gave more then 10.000 people access to clean water. In 2018 we want to distribute more filters and we want to build a well in the area where we distribute them. 100% of the sales of this shirt goes into this project.

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Previous Distributions: 



Yesterday we received a donation from Zeppelin high school in Lüdenscheid for an upcoming project in 2018. Hardcore Help Foundation and The Nathan Hall Williams Center are planning to build a well together with Sharewater. At the moment Sharewater is building a well in Benin where also a big part of this donation goes to. Big thanks to all the students and teachers for making this possible.

Yesterday we delivered a donation with sleeping bags, lots of shoes, socks, towels, jackets, jeans and other clothes to „De Regenboog „ in Amsterdam. This facility has 7 walk-in houses in the capital and takes care up to one thousand homeless people a day. They were very thankful about the donations.

Yesterday we sponsored an integrated clinic in Subukia, Nakuru north, in a place called Haji farm. Lots of mamas who had home delivery came by. Their babys got their first immunization. In this area lots of mothers give birth at home because the health centres are too far. It’s also an area they cant afford certain services. Many kids had scabies. We had lots of family planning being given and medicines for the scabies. The turnout and feedback was very good.

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One of the reasons why we came so far is because so many volunteers took the time and talent to help this organization.

If you are thinking about setting up a benefit show or want to run a sports event and collect donations or just have a creative idea get in touch. We are always looking for people who could help out at our warehouse or at shows.

Send a mail to .

You really can make a difference !!!

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