3rd Water Project with Sharewater and Fundifix

Sharewater Foundation and Hardcore Help Foundation joined forces to fight the water crisis.  Access to clean and safe water is a human right, yet worldwide more than 785 million people have no access to clean and safe drinking water. Unsafe and dirty water kills more people than any violence, including war, with most of it being children under five years old. Join us and support with us communities in need!

How we make a difference 

We follow 3 guiding principles to ensure the best implementation to support local communities with access to clean and safe drinking water:

1) 100% of funds go directly to the project. We can achieve this as we run the charities solely on a volunteering basis. In our private lives, we are teachers, entrepreneurs, investors, and engineers, and many more things.

2) We automate the water systems and implement real-time monitoring. This allows the community to track their water systems at any given time and provide 100% transparency to our donors.

3) We strongly believe in the independence and empowerment of local communities. We involve local community members at every step of the decision-making process from scoping the project to understanding what they require. We also provide the community with the ability to digitally collect payments to maintain their water systems. This allowed us to provide more than 7.8 million liters of water on our 2 last projects in Kenya and the local communities to raise more than $9200 to maintain their water systems leading to minimize the breakage of the water system.

Our next project 

Together with Fundfix a local Kenyan Social enterprise backed and supported by the University of Oxford, we’ve identified a community in dire need of rehabilitation of its water system. Kora (Kitui County, -0.43952, 38.27365) is a small village with around 250 people that are mainly using their water infrastructure for personal use as well as to maintain theirs over 300 livestock (goats and cattle).

How we will tackle the local challenges 

The community is facing tremendous challenges. Currently, access to water is unsafe and unhygienic. The risk of catching transmissible diseases by local community members since humans and livestock are sharing the water source. On top of that, the water source has a limited capacity with only 1 tap leading to long queues and limited delivery of water to the local community. Our renewal will ensure that the community can use the water source in the long term with access to clean and safe water and provide income to the local community to maintain the water source. Improvements will involve constructing a water kiosk with more taps to reduce queuing time. Install a water ATM to ensure users can fetch water 24/7 and reduce operating costs as no operator will be required. In addition, local social enterprise FundiFix providing professional repair and maintenance service to KPS.

How you can help 

Our fundraising goal is €5000, with the aim to fund a Waterkiosk, implement a new water infrastructure and taps and a trough for cattle, as well as provide maintenance services to the local community. Make a difference with us. Throughout the project, we will keep you updated so you can follow your impact throughout