Distribution in Brussels, Belgium

Support for homeless people in Brussels. Since 2017 we have been supporting Solidarité Grand Froids, located in the center of the city, this charity is always very grateful.

But what is frightening to hear is that they can no longer keep up with the help. For example, in the beginning where we came by with a full sprinter, the things lasted for weeks. At the moment the demand has grown so much that they are out of stock within a week. It's shocking to see the concerning rise of homeless in Brussels. Compared to last year, homelessness in this region has increased by over 32%.

Become a

One of the reasons why we came so far is because so many volunteers took the time and talent to help this organization.

If you are thinking about setting up a benefit show or want to run a sports event and collect donations or just have a creative idea get in touch. We are always looking for people who could help out at our warehouse or at shows.

Send a mail to .

You really can make a difference !!!

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