Donate (for) a sleeping bag

Winter is here to stay: Where most of us have at least the option to crank up the heat, over 20.000 people in Germany don’t even have a roof over their heads. Helplessly exposed to the cold especially at night. Every homeless human frozen to death is one too much. Don’t let it happen!

What can you do?

Got a sleeping bag in good condition? Get in touch (contact info) to donate it!

Option 2:
You can donate money: For 25 €, together we can save one person! Either via our betterplace project (English | German) or use the form below!

Every sleeping bag or money donation helps and keeps someone warm + alive tonight. We make sure it reaches the people directly and safe.

You make the difference for those in need. And on top of it: Your donation cheers up their hearts to make them feel warm inside alike. Make someone smile today and donate a sleeping bag!

One sleeping bag saves one life

For 25 € we can buy a sleeping bag to help a human being.
Your donation matters. Thank you in advance for your support!

Become a

One of the reasons why we came so far is because so many volunteers took the time and talent to help this organization.

If you are thinking about setting up a benefit show or want to run a sports event and collect donations or just have a creative idea get in touch. We are always looking for people who could help out at our warehouse or at shows.

Send a mail to .

You really can make a difference !!!

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