Helping out the NHWC Family

The situation in Kenya is growing increasingly worrisome for families. We have been speaking with the government, our local partners, and to community leaders in order to meet the needs that arise during this crisis. Right now, more than anything, we need to help the families NHWC has worked with for years. Vulnerable people living in low income communities are being affected countrywide. Looking for daily bread is difficult (for some, impossible even) as there is less and less work to be found. People with disabilities are at an even greater risk of not only contracting the virus but of marginalization and economic hardship.

We want to step in and help. We have donated €3500 to help 50 families of people with disabilities over the next three months. This money will allow us to provide enough items each month to sustain a family of six.

We know this is a hard time for everyone. We raised the funds for this project through our DIY mask project so thank you for your continued support. If you can, please consider helping us!

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