We challenge you to sleep out in your garden, balcony or car, motivate your friends and/or family to support our homeless assistance project.

On Saturday 07 November we’re going to sleep out and asking you to take part with us to raise funds and awarenesses about the growing homelessnes problem.

Life on the street is dangerous, especially in the cold seasons. According to estimations of the Federal working group Wohnungslosenhilfe e.V registered association alone in Germany since 1991 approximately 300 homeless humans froze to death. Therefore, with Hardcore Help Foundation, we try to bring not only warm clothes but also sleeping bags, blankets and isomats every time we deliver to homeless shelters. Because all this saves lives! Unfortunately these products are distributed faster than they can be donated.

For this reason we want to collect donations with you to buy these essential items together. With your help, we should be able to build up a basic stock in our warehouse, which we can then combine with your clothing donations, which are also very important.

Make a difference and join us at our first #hhfsleepout

Stay home, sleep out, save lives!

For more information email us at info@hardcore-help.or