Medical clinics update

Community health volunteers are arguably the most important stakeholder we work with for our health projects. They work tirelessly inside people’s homes, spending their time educating, making referrals to hospitals and clinics, collecting vital data, and acting as a sounding board for their neighbors and beyond. Their work is even more important now that many clinics and hospitals are out of reach or inaccessible due to Covid.

As part of our commitment to healthcare, we are taking our “clinics” to the homes of those most in need. On Friday last week, we sponsored a training for 30 new community health volunteers in Nakuru north. They went through an intensive 10 day training to learn everything primary healthcare — family planning, antenatal care, immunization, nutrition, hygiene, HIV, Malaria, Tuberculosis, life skills, and more!

These skills are extremely vital as the volunteers are the first point of contact in the community. Over the next few weeks we will share more of what goes on at the household level and how we are continuing to provide primary healthcare in these changing times.