Monthly continuing medical training in Nakuru, Kenya

Yesterday, our partners The Nathan Hall Williams Center hosted our first continuing medical training of the year for the healthcare workers at Bondeni Sub-County Hospital. Bondeni Sub-County hospital has a very busy Maternity department that was, in part, established through years of joint partnership clinics. Today it serves hundreds of women each month through antenatal care, labor, and delivery. Preeclampsia is a severe and life threatening condition that women often develop during pregnancy. It is currently the second leading cause of mortality for pregnant women in Nakuru. Government health facilities are beginning to prioritize the critical drugs needed to treat preeclampsia, as well as establish training for nurses and others on prevention, warning signs, protocols, and management of the disease. Our training allowed healthcare workers in Bondeni to continue building critical care skills while also establishing a community sensitization plan. Together, we are improving outcomes for both Mamas and babies in Nakuru county!

This training is part of on ongoing program to build capacity through training, resources, and community strategy within government health facilities in Nakuru County. Our trainings are facility-directed and based on real time community priorities. Thank you to our friends and supporters for continuing to support our health projects!

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