Waterfilter Distribution in Nakuru, Kenya

Last week we had another water filter training and distribution with community health workers from five wards in Nakuru County. Each of the recipients works a minimum of 20 hours per week as a volunteer and is personally responsible for a minimum of 50 households within their community. They not only gather vital data and statistics, but also serve as first responders when disease outbreaks occur and/or health concerns arise within their delegated households. Each individual here has gone above and beyond the expectation of their role and has been vital to the success of our programs and many others. They are all trusted health educators and leaders within their communities and are deeply committed to promoting well-being. What people often do not realize is that community health workers are members of the same communities they serve and face the same challenges within their own households. These filters will not only provide clean, safe water for each of them for a minimum of five years, but will no doubt be used to teach hundreds (possibly, thousands) of others about the benefits of clean water as well!

Thank you to everyone supporting our water projects in Kenya! Let’s help these community health workers reach out to vulnerable households in their communities with additional filters. It only takes 30€ to provide five years of clean water for a family of six. Please click on the link in our bio to get involved!

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