Rehabilitation Water Projects with Fundifix

Fundifix and Hardcore Help Foundation joined forces to fight the water crisis.  Access to clean and safe water is a human right, yet worldwide more than 785 million people have no access to clean and safe drinking water. Unsafe and dirty water kills more people than any violence, including war, with most of it being children under five years old. Join us and support with us communities in need!
In 2018 we launched a partnership with FundiFix, a Kenyan social enterprise providing professional repair & maintenance services for rural water infrastructure serving communities, schools and healthcare facilities. We started by implementing the first two projects, Ikathima and Ivonangya Piped Schemes in 2018 and 2019 respectively, with great success. Hardcore Help Foundation supported full rehabilitation of these water facilities, requiring the installation of a pump at Ivonangya, expansion of the solar pumping system, and pipe network and waterpoints repairs. In addition, we supported the installation of Water ATMs at waterpoints, allowing real-time monitoring of water supply and tariff collection through mobile money. Further, the water ATMs are enabling swift repairs in case of a breakdown and a 24/7 access to water by the local community.
We are excited to share performance of these projects so far with you: The Ikathima Piped Scheme has dispensed more than 10 Million litres of water since rehabilitation and its community of roughly 3,200 people has contributed more than KES 1.1 Million (about 9,040€) through water tariffs, to cover the cost operation and maintenance. On the other hand, Ivonangya Piped Scheme has supplied roughly 3.7 Million litres of water to the local community of 2,000 people, with users contributing KES 328,000 (about 2700€) in water tariffs. Since 2018, both piped schemes have been functional for more than 94% of the time, with the 104 individual breakdowns recorded (as of July 2022) resolved by FundiFix within 2 days on average.
This partnership between Hardcore Help Foundation and FundiFix is guaranteeing more than 5,000 people in Ikathima and Ivonangya communities in Kitui, Kenya access to a safe and reliable water service. Benefits of this are widely documented. In addition to positive health and economic outcomes for users, the projects are supporting agropastoral livelihoods of these rural communities. Local presence of FundiFix to repair and maintain water infrastructure has created value to the communities and encouraged them to contribute tariffs for ongoing O&M. This approach is providing a model for sustainable rural water services delivery in Kenya.
This week we have started our third project with FundiFix, entailing rehabilitation of the Kora Piped Scheme (KPS) in Kitui, Kenya to install a new solar pumping system and a Kiosk fitted with a water ATM for 24/7 water supply. Thereafter, FundiFix will take on full operation and maintenance of the Kora Piped Scheme through an operator contract with the Community and local Government. We expect to have the rehabilitation works completed by mid-August and will be sharing updates on progress soon!