Wheelchair donations in Nakuru, Kenya

Yesterday our partner in Kenya did wheelchair donations to Rachael, Edwin & Triza Kate in Nakuru. They were very happy to get a new wheelchair.

👉 For our mobility project in Kenya we are still looking for functional wheelchairs. Devices are distributed on site by our partner The Nathan Hall Williams Center to support people who cannot afford to get one. People with disabilities face difficult circumstances as they wait unimaginable amounts of time for help. We are humbled to be able to empower these deserving individuals with the gift of independence! Please get in touch if you can help us out! Whether your contribution is in kind or in monetary donations, it makes a difference!

Become a

One of the reasons why we came so far is because so many volunteers took the time and talent to help this organization.

If you are thinking about setting up a benefit show or want to run a sports event and collect donations or just have a creative idea get in touch. We are always looking for people who could help out at our warehouse or at shows.

Send a mail to .

You really can make a difference !!!

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