Wheelchair donations

Another great wheelchair donation from Franz Freunde. This nursing home in Düsseldorf has been supporting us with wheelchairs and walkers for many years now. Yesterday we received 6 wheelchairs and 6 walkers. We are very thankful for this support.
At the moment we are collecting for the third shipping container of medical equipment to Kenya.
Last year our second shipping container arrived in Kenya. Since July 2020, we have distributed over 50 wheelchairs, 40 pairs of crutches, and 4 walkers to individuals in need in Kenya. We have also outfitted a full rehabilitation department, donated therapy and medical equipment to hospitals and special education schools, and served as a teaching hub for physio students to learn hands-on knowledge using real rehabilitation equipment and orthotics.
On many occasions, these donations mark the beginning of independence, freedom, and unlocking potential for people with disabilities and beyond!