Wheelchair Project

The aim is to help improve the social participation of people with disabilities by promoting mobility. Both are important factors in the fight against the vicious circle of disability and poverty and contribute to greater independence. Since 2013, HHF has been collecting around 100 used wheelchairs and other walking aids every year and refurbishing them at its site in Lüdenscheid. The target groups are people with walking disabilities in Germany and abroad, with a focus on Germany and Kenya in particular, most recently as part of aid deliveries in Ukraine. This enables us to provide for up to 250 people a year.

In Kenya, our local partner organization Nathan Hall Williams Centre (NHWC) runs a rehabilitation center for people with disabilities in Nakuru. NHWC takes a holistic approach and offers daily physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and trauma therapy for people who are unable to receive medical care for economic and social reasons. The center also has a community outreach program where the therapists visit people who live further away or cannot afford to visit the center. The delivery of mobility aids is one component of the collaboration between NHWC and HHF. There is also a workshop on site where wheelchairs, walking aids and crutches can be measured and then adapted to the respective needs. This ensures the sustainable use of the mobility aids.

In Germany, we support facilities that help the homeless, particularly in the Rhineland and Ruhr regions, by providing hygiene and health products, including mobility aids. We work with facilities that offer various forms of support and assistance to several thousand homeless people every year.



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